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Storm Brewing Over Japan

January 13th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Weather patterns over northern Japan - January 13th, 2009

Weather patterns over northern Japan - January 13th, 2009

A storm over Japan takes on an interesting swirled cloud pattern. Hokkaido is completely covered by clouds, as is most of Honshu, although the area around Tokyo can still be seen. The storm is expected to strengthen rapidly throughout the day tomorrow.

In the morning, while the storm is relatively weak, Japan will experience some clouds and scattered rain and snow showers.

As the storm strengthens, winds will pick up and the precipitation will become heavier. Areas of substantial rain and snow are expected by the late afternoon.

Meanwhile, clouds and precipitation associated with the storm will likely develop over the Korean Peninsula, southeastern Russia, and northeastern China on Wednesday, although any precipitation over those areas will be light.

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