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Sediments Around Yamal Peninsula, Russia

73.2N 70.8E

August 31st, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Russia - July 27th, 2009

Russia - July 27th, 2009

Dark brown sediments fill the coastal waters of Russia’s Yamal Peninsula on two sides, in the Gulf of Ob (right) and the 8 to 10 km wide Malygina Strait (center). Also visible at the upper right is Shokalsky Island, just off the northern tip of the narrow Gydan Peninsula.

The Yamal Peninsula, located in Yamal-Nenets autonomous district of northwest Siberia, extends roughly 700 km (435 mi) into the Kara Sea. The peninsula consists mostly of permafrost ground.

Moving from the peninsula across the strait, one comes to Bely Island, an island in the Kara Sea that covers an area of 1,810 square kilometres (700 sq mi). It is covered by tundra, but some dwarf shrubs also grow there.

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