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Santo Antão and São Vicente, Cape Verde

17.0N 25.1W

July 26th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Cape Verde - July 1st, 2009

Cape Verde - July 1st, 2009

Santo Antão (above) is the westernmost and largest of the Barlavento islands of Cape Verde. The nearest main island is São Vicente to the southeast, separated by a channel named Canal de São Vicente. The lines in the water in and near this channel indicate that the current is moving westward, around the islands.

The island is entirely made up of volcanic material. The island is divided into north and south by a mountain range, whose peaks can be seen clearly in this orthorectified image. The tallest mountain is Topo de Coroa, reaching a height of 1,979 m. The second tallest is Pico da Cruz at 1,585 m.

São Vicente (below), also belonging to the Barlavento islands group of Cape Verde, is roughly rectangular in shape with a surface area of about 227 km2 (88 sq mi). From east to west it measures 24 km (15 mi) and from north to south no more than 16 km (9.9 mi).

Although volcanic in origin, the island is quite flat. Its highest point is Monte Verde, located in the northeast-central part with an altitude of 725 metres (2,380 ft).  Other mountaintops include Monte Cara and Topona. Although a great amount of erosion has taken place, some craters still remain — in particular near the bay of Mindelo.

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