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Ridges of Kerman Province, Iran

31.2N 56.8E

August 27th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Iran - July 16th, 2009

Iran - July 16th, 2009

This orthorectified image focuses on the mountains of Kerman, one of the 30 provinces of Iran, in the south-east of the country. The province of Kerman is the second largest province in the country, at 180,726 km².

The altitudes and heights of the province are the continuation of the central mountain ranges of Iran. They extend from the volcanic folds beginning in Azarbaijan, and by branching out in the central plateau of Iran, terminate in Baluchestan. Many of the ridges visible in this image reach altitudes of around 1600m.

These mountain ranges have also brought about vast plains in the province of Kerman. Most of the province is largely steppe or sandy desert, although there are some oases where dates, oranges and pistachios are cultivated. The province is dependent on qanats (underground water channels) for its irrigation.

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