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Mountain Ranges of Cyprus

January 26th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Cyprus - December 2nd, 2008

Cyprus - December 2nd, 2008

Cyprus, an island country situated in the eastern Mediterranean Sea south of Turkey, is the third largest island in the Mediterranean.

A United Nations administered buffer zone runs through the center of the island, dividing it into a northern zone administered by Turkish Cypriots and a southern zone administered by Greek Cypriots.

The green Troodos Mountains are easily recognizable. It is the biggest mountain range in Cyprus, stretching across most of the western side of the island.

Another thinner range, the Kyrenia Mountain Range, is visible to the North. It is a long, narrow chain of mountains that runs approximately 160 km (100 mi) along the north coast. The mountains are primarily limestone, with some marble. The western half of the range is also known as the Pentadactylos (“five fingers”) mountains.

The area between this two mountain ranges is drier and flatter.

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    The Kyrenia Mountain Range in North Cyprus stretches from Zafer Burnu on Cape Andreas in the East to Korucam Burnu in the West. Untouched by the commercialism of package holidays, the mountain chain is best explored on foot or by mountain bike along the waymarked Kyrenia Mountain Trail – a 230km route from cape to cape. Walkers should allow a minimum of 10 days to traverse the entire route, along which are a smattering of rest houses and rustic accommodation. The mountain trail is accessible by road at several points along its course. Those who wish to explore the mountains in more manageable segments can therefore do so when hiring a vehicle. 4×4 North Cyprus car hire is recommended as the terrain is difficult in places. Must-see attractions along the route include the three crusader castles of Kantara, Buffavento and St. Hilarion. The exquisite 12th Century Bellapais Monastery near Esentepe is not to be missed either.

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    Emma Gelper:

    cool! I am doin a project on this place and uve helped a lot!! thnx! =D

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