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Mount Cameroon Near the Gulf of Guinea, Cameroon

4.2N 9.1E

January 23rd, 2010 Category: Snapshots, Volcanoes

Cameroon - December 20th, 2009

Cameroon - December 20th, 2009

Mount Cameroon is an active volcano in Cameroon near the Gulf of Guinea, visible in the lower half of this orthorectified image. It is one of the tallest volcanoes in Africa, reaching an elevation of 4,040 m (13,255 ft). The most recent eruptions occurred on March 28, 1999 and May 28, 2000.

The mountain is part of the area of volcanic activity known as the Cameroon Volcanic Line. The massive steep-sided volcano of dominantly basaltic-to-trachybasaltic composition forms a volcanic horst constructed above a basement of Precambrian metamorphic rocks covered with Cretaceous to Quaternary sediments.

More than 100 small cinder cones, often fissure-controlled parallel to the long axis of the massive 1,400 km³ (336 mi³) volcano, occur on the flanks and surrounding lowlands. A large satellitic peak, Etinde (also known as Little Mount Cameroon), is located on the southern flank near the coast.

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    There has been a lot of dust in the Mount Cameroon area: South Southeastern slopes around Limbe and Buea since March 19-uptill present (2010. Would like to know if there are any global weather forescast that can give us some information on tghis???? Thanks a lot

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