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Eyjafjörður, Central Northern Iceland’s Longest Fjord

65.8N 18.1W

August 19th, 2009 Category: Snapshots

Iceland - August 13th, 2009

Iceland - August 13th, 2009

Eyjafjörður, the longest fjord in central northern Iceland, cuts through the mountains of this orthorectified image. The fjord is located in the second most populous region of Iceland; in fact, the city of Akureyri can be noted in the lower right corner.

The name Eyjafjörður literally means: “Island Fjord” which is derived from Hrísey Island, seen here towards the center of the body of water.

The fjord is long and narrow, it measures 60 km from mouth to bottom. Its greatest width is 25 km between Siglunes and Gjögurtá at the fjord’s mouth but for the greater part of its length it is usually 6-10 km wide. Two smaller fjords branch out of Eyjafjörður’s west side, Ólafsfjörður and Héðinsfjörður.

Eyjafjörður  is surrounded by hills and mountains on both sides but the mountains are considerably taller on the west side, in the mountain range of the Tröllaskagi peninsula. In the outer part of the fjord there are no lowlands along the coast as the steep hills roll directly into the sea. Further south in the fjord there are strips of lowland along both coasts; these are wider on the west side.

Several valleys lead from Eyjafjörður, most of them to the west where the two most significant are: Hörgárdalur and Svarfaðardalur. Dalsmynni is the only valley on the east side. However the greatest valley in Eyjafjörður is also called Eyjafjörður and runs directly south from the fjord itself. It is long and wide and home to one of Iceland’s largest agricultural regions.

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