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Coral Reef Encircling New Caledonia

21.5S 165.5E

March 23rd, 2011 Category: Snapshots

New Caledonia - March 23rd, 2011

New Caledonia is a French overseas territory (autonomous overseas collectivity) located in the subregion of Melanesia in the southwest Pacific. It comprises a main island (Grande Terre), the Loyalty Islands, and several smaller islands.

New Caledonia has a total land area of 18,575.5 square kilometres (7,172 sq mi). Grande Terre is by far the largest of the islands, and the only mountainous island. It has an area of 16,372 square kilometres (6,321 sq mi), and is elongated northwest-southeast, 350 kilometres (220 mi) in length and 50 to 70 kilometres (31 to 43 mi) wide.

Here, most of the island of Grand Terre can be observed. Also of note is the coral reef flanking the island and extending northwestward. This reef encircles most of the island provides an important habitat for fish.

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