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Cities and Towns Across Landscape of India

15.2N 75.2E

May 3rd, 2013 Category: Snapshots

India – May 2nd, 2013

Many cities and towns appear like starry constellations across the landscape of India. India is often cited as a country having an overpopulation problem. In nature, the evaluation of overpopulation is conceptually straightforward. If a group relies on a local area for its sustenance, then its population will be limited by the productivity of that area.

As of July 2003, India had a population of just over one billion. With around 170 million hectares of arable land, it has the potential to produce among the world’s highest crop yields. Whether or not this amount of food could sufficiently cover the needs of the population, two things are clear without dispute: millions of Indians’ fundamental biological needs are not met, and should the population continue to rise, it will not be possible to produce enough food to cover those needs (click here for more information).

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