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Western Africa, from the Saloum River to the Geba River

12.7N 15.6W

April 28th, 2011 Category: Rivers, Sediments

Senegal, the Gambia and Guinea-Bissau - April 15th, 2011

Several rivers can be observed along the western coast of Africa, from Senegal (above), across the Gambia, to Guinea-Bissau (lower half of image).

The river near the top edge is the Saloum, with the Gambia River below it. More of the course of the Gambia River can be observed, as it appears as a thick greenish line crossing the landscape.

The Gambia, the smallest country in mainland Africa, surrounded by the country of Senegal, consists of the downstream half of the Gambia River and the land around its two banks.

Further south, one comes to the Casamance River, in southern Senegal, and then the Geba River in Guinea-Bissau. Tan sediments spill from its mouth into the Atlantic Ocean, fanning out around the archipelago near the rivermouth.

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