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Sediments in Gulf of Fonseca, Central America

13.2N 87.7W

March 11th, 2012 Category: Sediments

Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador - December 23rd, 2011

Visible below the clouds in this image of Central America is the Gulf of Fonseca, which covers an area of approximately 3,200 square kilometres (1,200 sq mi). The gulf has a coastline that extends for 261 kilometres (162 mi), of which 185 kilometres (115 mi) are in Honduras, 40 kilometres (25 mi) in Nicaragua, and 29 kilometres (18 mi) in El Salvador.

More sediments are present on the eastern side of the gulf, as is evidenced by the brownish color of the water in that area, while the rest of the gulf appears mostly green to blue. As it is currently the dry season in the region, less water flows into the Gulf, and the currents tend to flow inward from the Pacific Ocean, resulting in a increase in levels of salinity in the estuaries.

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