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Ruvuma River and Quirimbas Islands, Mozambique

12.1S 40.5E

August 14th, 2010 Category: Rivers, Sediments

Madagascar and Mozambique - August 4th, 2010

The Mozambique Channel separates Madagascar (right) from Mozambique and the African continent. The Ruvuma River is visible as a tan line in the upper left quadrant. It forms the border between Mozambique (south) and Tanzania (north).

Moving down the coast to the south of the rivermouth, one can see the Quirimbas Islands near the shore.  The archipelago consists of about 30 islands, stretching south from Cape Delgado for approximately 200 miles. These islands, running along the coast, are partly linked to the coast by sand bars, coral reefs, mangroves and water rich in marine life.

Moving southeastward, the coast of Madagascar is framed by golden sediments, and several rivers can be seen running towards the coastline. The Sambao River, situated on the upper part of what is visible of Madagascar’s coastline, appears to be releasing the most sediments.

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