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Argentine Coast from Bahía Blanca to Valdes Peninsula

40.8S 62.9W

February 15th, 2012 Category: Rivers, Sediments

Argentina - February 6th, 2012

Sediments from the Naposta Stream flow past the city of Bahía Blanca and Isla Trinidad, in the southern part of the Province of Buenos Aires, and into the Atlantic Ocean. Moving south down the coastline in the full image, the twin cities of Viedma and Carmen de Patagones can be observed on opposite sides of the Río Negro River.

Continuing further south, one comes to the Valdés Peninsula, an important nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site of about 3,625 km2 (896,000 acres; 1,400 sq mi) in size. Most of the peninsula is barren land with some salt lakes. The largest of these lakes is at an elevation of about 40 m below sea level. The coastline is inhabited by marine mammals, like sea lions, elephant seals and fur seals.


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