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Etosha Pan, Namibia, and Angolan Landscape

14S 17.6E

August 19th, 2010 Category: Salt Flats

Namibia - August 4th, 2010

The white area in the lower part of this image is the Etosha pan, a large endorheic salt pan, forming part of the Namib Desert in the north of Namibia. The 120-kilometre-long (75-mile-long) pan is mostly dry but after a heavy rain it will acquire a thin layer of water, which is heavily salted by the mineral deposits on the surface. Most of the year, the surface is dry mud coated with salt.

The area around the pan is dense mopane woodland. Moving northward into Angola, another green area can be seen – the Angolan Central Plateau, which the Cuando River crosses.

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