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Sediments Expelled by the Amazon River, Brazil

1.6N 49.9W

January 4th, 2010 Category: Rivers

Brazil - November 17th, 2009

Brazil - November 17th, 2009

Thick brown sediments flow forth from the mouth of the Amazon River in northern Brazil. The land west of the river belongs to the state of Amapá, while that east of the river is part of the state of Pará. The habitat of both states is mostly tropical rainforest.

The rivermouth itself, usually measured from Cabo do Norte in Amapá to Punto Patijoca in Pará, is some 330 kilometres (210 mi) wide. As one can observe here, the Amazon does not have a protruding delta. This is due to an intense tidal bore that rapidly whisks away the vast volume of sediments carried by the Amazon before a delta can form beyond the shoreline.

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