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Rivers Flowing from Himalayas into Bangladesh

26.1N 89.4E

July 14th, 2011 Category: Mountains, Rivers

Bangladesh - July 12th, 2011

This APM image shows rivers flowing down from the Himalayas and into Bangladesh. The physical geography of Bangladesh is varied and has an area characterized by two distinctive features: a broad deltaic plain subject to frequent flooding, and a small hilly region crossed by swiftly flowing rivers.

The country has an area of 144,000 square kilometers and extends 820 kilometers north to south and 600 kilometers east to west. Roughly 80 % of the landmass is made up of fertile alluvial lowland called the Bangladesh Plain. The only exceptions to Bangladesh’s low elevations are the Chittagong Hills in the southeast, the Low Hills of Sylhet in the northeast, and highlands in the north and northwest.

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