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Red Sands of the Simpson Desert in Central Australia

25.4S 138.2E

April 21st, 2010 Category: Rivers

Australia - March 5th, 2010

Australia - March 5th, 2010

The rusty red expanse covering much of this image is the Simpson Desert, located within and near the common boundaries of the Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland states of Australia.

It is bounded to the west by the Finke River and Mabel Range, to the north by the Adam Range, to the east by the Georgina and Diamantina Rivers, with Lake Eyre to the south. Average annual rainfall is less than 200 mm.

The Simpson Desert is an erg which contains the world’s longest parallel sand dunes. These north-south oriented dunes are static, held in position by vegetation. They vary in height from 3 metres in the west to around 30 metres on the eastern side. The most famous dune, Nappanerica, although known more popularly as Big Red, is 40 metres in height.

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