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Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada

May 6th, 2009 Category: Rivers

Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada - May 6th, 2009

Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada - May 6th, 2009

White areas surrounding the Ottawa River, which forms the border between Ontario and Quebec, show the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau in Canada.

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is located on the southern banks of the Ottawa River, and contains the mouths of the Rideau River and Rideau Canal. It has a population of 812,000, making it the fourth largest municipality in the country.

Across the Ottawa River, in Quebec, lies the city of Gatineau. The cities of Ottawa-Gatineau have a combined population of 1,168,788,  creating the country’s fourth largest metropolitan area.

Around the main urban areas is an extensive greenbelt comprising mostly forest, farmland and marshland.

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