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Niger River and Inner Niger Delta, Mali

13.9N 5.4W

January 13th, 2012 Category: Rivers, Wetlands

Mali - January 10th, 2012

The Niger River is the principal river of western Africa, extending about 4,180 km (2,600 mi), and the third longest river in all of Africa. Its drainage basin is 2,117,700 km2 (817,600 sq mi) in area. Its source is in the Guinea Highlands in southeastern Guinea. It runs in a crescent through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and then through Nigeria, discharging through a massive delta into the Atlantic Ocean.

This image, however, focuses the Inner Niger Delta, also known as the Macina or Niger Inland Delta, is a large area of lakes and floodplains in the semi-arid Sahel area of central Mali, just south of the Sahara desert. The delta consists of the middle course of the Niger River, between the bifurcated Niger and its tributary, the Bani, which from here run north towards the desert. As this image was captured during dry season, which lasts from October to June, not much water or plantlife can be seen.

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