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Hazy Skies Northwest of Snake River Plain, USA

46.1N 119W

August 17th, 2010 Category: Rivers

USA- August 29th, 2010

Fog or smoke from wildfires in hovers in the air over Puget Sound (upper left quadrant), in Washington State, USA, near the border with Canada.  Clouds can also be seen hugging the Pacific coastline and moving over parts of the fertile green land near the shore.

As one moves inland, this dark green turns to golden brown. Areas of green agriculture can be seen across the region, however, particularly near the Snake River. The river flows westwards through the Snake River Plain, and turns north to empty into the Columbia River in the state of Washington.

Steep mountains, low hills, deep canyons and predominantly, the flat alluvium of the Snake River Plain characterize the geologically diverse and active watershed of the Snake River.

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