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Green Vegetation Around Flinders River, Australia

April 29th, 2009 Category: Rivers

Australia - April 14th, 2009

Australia - April 14th, 2009

Over the last months, Australia has battled severe flooding caused by heavy wet-season rains. This image shows the Flinders River system in northern Queensland.

The Flinders River catchment is located in north west Queensland and drains an area of approximately 109,000 square kilometres.

The river rises in the Great Dividing Range and flows initially in a westerly direction towards Julia Creek, before flowing north to the vast savannah country downstream of Canobie.

It passes through its delta and finally into the Gulf of Carpentaria, 25 kilometres west of Karumba. The Cloncurry and Corella Rivers, its major tributaries, enter the river from the southwest above Canobie.

Queensland was the state hit hardest by the flooding, as over 1 million square kilometers of land flooded, according to the AFP.

The heavy rains also led to increased plant growth. Here, the land around the river appears bright green from vegetation, in contrast to drier red earth farther from the river.

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