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Gezira Scheme Between White Nile and Blue Nile Rivers, Sudan

14.6N 32.8E

January 17th, 2012 Category: Rivers

Sudan - December 29th, 2011

Stretching over an area of 3,400 milesĀ² (8,800 kmĀ²) between the While Nile (left) and Blue Nile (right) Rivers is the irrigated land of the Gezira Scheme, one of the largest irrigation projects in the world. The confluence of the two rivers at the city of Khartoum can be observed near the top edge.

The Gezira (which means “island”) is particularly suited to irrigation because the soil slopes away from the Blue Nile and water therefore naturally runs through the irrigation canals by gravity. This network of canals and ditches is 2,700 miles (4,300 km) long. Upon opening the full image, many individual fields can be observed.

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