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Gargano Peninsula and Basento River, Italy

April 1st, 2009 Category: Rivers

Puglia region, Italy - March 27th, 2009

Puglia region, Italy - March 27th, 2009

Green sediments swirl in the Adriatic Sea around the coast of the Promontorio del Gargano peninsula in Apulia, Italy. The backbone of the peninsula is formed by the mountain Monte Gargano. Most of the upland area, about 1,211.18 kmĀ² above the development along the coasts and in the lower valleys, is now a national park, Parco nazionale del Gargano.

Gargano is partly mountainous and partly covered by the remains of an ancient forest, Foresta Umbra, the only remaining part in Italy of the ancient oak and beech forest that once covered much of Central Europe as well as the Appenine deciduous montane forests biome.

Continuing to the right along the shoreline, towns cities such as Bari appear as tan patches amidst the green terrain. On the bottom right, by Apulia’s border with the Basilicata Region, the Basento River spills tan sediments into the Gulf of Taranto.

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