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From Namibia to Cape Agulhas, South Africa

34.8S 20.0E

August 23rd, 2010 Category: Rivers

South Africa - July 17th, 2010

This image stretches from Namibia to Cape Agulhas in South Africa, the southernmost point on the African continent. Also visible are Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope. Although many believe the Cape of Good Hope to be the southern tip of the continent, Cape Agulhas is, in fact, about 150 kilometres further (90 mi) to the east-southeast.

Moving northward from this green coastal area and towards Namibia, the land becomes progressively drier. The border between South Africa and Namibia is marked by the Orange River, visible as a dark line in the middle of the full image. Some sediments can be seen spilling from the rivermouth into the ocean.

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