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Estuary of Cross River, Nigeria and Cameroon

4.8N 8.2E

February 2nd, 2012 Category: Rivers

Nigeria and Cameroon - January 1st, 2012

This APM image shows the estuary of the Cross River (native name: Oyono River), the main river in southeastern Nigeria, giving its name to Cross River State. It originates in Cameroon, where it takes the name of the Manyu River.

Over its last 80 km to the sea its flows through swampy rainforest with numerous creeks and forms an inland delta near its confluence with the Calabar River, about 20 km wide and 50 km long between the cities of Oron on the west bank and Calabar, on the east bank, more than 30 km from the open sea. The delta empties into a broad estuary which it shares with a few smaller rivers. At its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean the estuary is 24 km wide. The eastern side of the estuary is in the neighbouring country of Cameroon.

The Cross River forms a boundary between two tropical moist forest ecoregions, the Cross-Niger transition forests which lie west of the river, between the Cross and Niger Rivers, and the Cross-Sanaga-Bioko coastal forests, which lie to the east between the Cross River and the Sanaga River of Cameroon.

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