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Entire Arc of Carpathian Mountains Stretching Across Europe

46.6N 25.9E

June 25th, 2010 Category: Mountains, Rivers

Central and Eastern Europe - June 7th, 2010

Central and Eastern Europe - June 7th, 2010

The Carpathian Mountains or Carpathians are a range of mountains forming an arc roughly 1,500 km (932 mi) long across Central and Eastern Europe, making them the largest mountain range in Europe. Here, the entire arc is visible, reaching across many countries.

The chain of mountain ranges stretches from the Czech Republic (3%) in the northwest to Slovakia (17%), Poland (10%), Hungary (4%), Ukraine (11%) and Romania (55%) in the east, to the Iron Gates on the River Danube between Romania and Serbia in the south.

The highest range within the Carpathians are the Tatras, on the border of Poland and Slovakia, where the highest peaks exceed 2,600 m (8,530 ft), followed by the Southern Carpathians in Romania, where the highest peaks exceed 2,500 m (8,202 ft).

Upon opening the full image, several rivers can be seen flowing down from the Southern Carpathians in Romania. The Danube River is also visible, making its way across the center of the Romanian Plain.

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