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Desert Sands and Rivers in Sistan Basin, Afghanistan

30.7N 64.4E

May 6th, 2011 Category: Deserts, Rivers

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran - May 2nd, 2011

The Sistan Basin is an inland endorheic basin encompassing large parts of southwestern Afghanistan and southeastern Iran, one of the driest regions in the world and an area subjected to prolonged droughts. Here, many sand dunes can be observed in its driest parts.

Its watershed is a system of rivers flowing from the highlands of Afghanistan into freshwater lakes and marshes and then to its ultimate destination: Afghanistan’s saline Godzareh depression, part of the extensive Sistan terminal basin.

The Helmand River, appearing here as a thick green line running above areas of sand dunes,  drains the basin’s largest watershed, fed mainly by snowmelt from the mountains of Hindu Kush, but other rivers contribute also.

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