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Deseado River and Topography of Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

47.7S 65.8W

June 21st, 2010 Category: Rivers

Argentina - June 6th, 2010

Argentina - June 6th, 2010

The Deseado River in southern Argentina appears as a whitish line cutting across the brown Patagonian terrain in the lower portion of this image. The river rises in Buenos Aires Lake in the Andes of southern Chile and Argentina. It flows generally eastward and southeastward through Santa Cruz province.

Near Koluel Kayke and Jaramillo it sometimes disappears into the dry soils of Patagonia, but it reemerges and empties into the Atlantic at Puerto Deseado. The total length of the Deseado is approximately 380 miles (610 km). It is used for irrigation along its lower course.

Upon opening the full image, many plateaus are visible inland, in the province of Santa Cruz. The terrain near the shore is flatter and criss-crossed by roads that appear as straight, light tan lines.

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