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Chira River Crossing Peru’s Piura Region

5.1S 80.6W

July 24th, 2011 Category: Rivers

Peru - July 23rd, 2011

This APM image of northwestern Peru shows the coastline of the country’s Tumbes (north) and Piura (south) Regions. The Tumbes Region is bordered by the Ecuadorian provinces of El Oro and Loja on the east; Peru’s Piura Region on the south; and by the Pacific Ocean on the north and west.

The territory of the Piura Region by the coast is divided by the Peruvian subtropical desert of Sechura on the south and savanna-like scrub tropical-dry forests to the center and north of the region. Topography is smooth in the coast and rough in the Sierra. There are many arid plains in the southern region.

Here, the Chira River can be seen flowing into the Pacific Ocean. Its mouth is 20 km north of the provincial capital of Piura. Its source is in the Ecuadorian Andes near the town of Papaca in the province Loja from where it flows for ca 250 km in easterly directions. After crossing the border to Peru, it is dammed up in the 885 million m³ Poechos reservoir and later passes the town of Sullana.

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