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Valleys, Mountains, Deserts and Islands of California, USA

36.0N 118.3W

June 8th, 2011 Category: Deserts, Mountains

USA - May 23rd, 2011

A light veil of greyish clouds hangs over California’s Great Central Valley in the upper left quadrant. Beneath the clouds, some of the green and brown fields of this vast agricultural region can be observed.

Leaving the valley and moving eastward, one crosses the Sequoia National Forest, in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. The U.S. National Forest is named for the majestic Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) trees which populate 38 distinct groves within the boundaries of the forest.

Beyond the mountains is the arid Great Basin of the western USA. Death Valley National Park, a national park in California and Nevada, can be found in the basin, east of the Sierra Nevada. The park protects the northwest corner of the Mojave Desert and contains a diverse desert environment of salt-flats, sand dunes, badlands, valleys, canyons, and mountains.

Visible at the bottom edge of the image are the Channel Islands of California, a chain of eight islands located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California along the Santa Barbara Channel in the United States of America.

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