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Mountains Around and Across the Meseta Central, Spain

41.2N 3.1W

October 29th, 2010 Category: Mountains

Spain - October 21st, 2010

The Meseta Central, a vast plateau in the heart of peninsular Spain, has elevations that range from 610 to 760 meters. The plateau, which slopes gently to the west, is surrounded by mountains and has other ranges crossing it. Those ranges appear brown in color here, with the lowlands at their feet appearing a golden yellow.

The Sistema Central, described as the “dorsal spine” of the Meseta Central, divides the Meseta into northern and southern subregions, the former higher in elevation and smaller in area than the latter. Their height sometimes reaches near 2600 meters.

The southern portion of the Meseta is further divided by twin mountain ranges, the Montes de Toledo running to the east and the Sierra de Guadalupe, to the west. Their peaks do not rise much higher than 1,500 meters.

The mountain regions that rim the Meseta Central and are associated with it are the Sierra Morena, the Cordillera Cantabrica, and the Sistema Iberico.

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