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Mountainous Provinces of Antalya and Mersin by Turkish Coast

36.2N 32.1E

February 9th, 2012 Category: Mountains

Turkey - January 2nd, 2012

This orthorectified wide-swath ASAR image shows the coast of Antalya (west) and Mersin (east) Provinces, in southern Turkey. Antalya Province is located on the Mediterranean coast of south-west Turkey, between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean sea. The province covers an area of 26% (20591 sq m) of Turkey. The land of the province is 77.8% mountainous, 10.2% plain and 12% uneven. Many of the peaks of the Taurus mountains are above 500–3000 metres.

The Mersin Province is a province in southern Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast between Antalya and Adana. 87% of the land area is mountain, leading up to the rocky heights of the central Taurus Mountains, the highest peak is Medetsiz (3,584 m) in the Bolkar range, and there are a number of important passes over to central Anatolia. There are many high meadows and small plains between 700 and 1500m. The coastal strip has many large areas of flatland, formed from soil brought down by rivers and streams running off the mountains.

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