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Glaciers and Mountains of Iceland’s Highlands

64.8N 20.1W

June 14th, 2012 Category: Mountains

Iceland - June 9th, 2012

Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Though Iceland is nearer to Greenland (North America) than Europe, the island is generally included in Europe for historical, political, cultural, and practical reasons. Geologically the island is part of both continental plates.

Iceland is the world’s 18th largest island. The main island is 101,826 km2 (39,315 sq mi), but the entire country is 103,000 km2 (39,768.5 sq mi) in size, of which 62.7% is tundra. Lakes and glaciers cover 14.3%; only 23% is vegetated.┬áMany fjords punctuate its 4,970-km-long coastline, which is also where most settlements are situated.┬áThe island’s interior, the Highlands of Iceland, is a cold and uninhabitable combination of sand and mountains. Here, mountain tops and glaciers appear bright white, while the sandier portions of the highlands, as well as many coastal areas, appear brown.

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