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Features of the Italian Peninsula in Summer

41.8N 15.7E

July 27th, 2010 Category: Mountains

Italy - June 25th, 2010

Italy - June 25th, 2010

The Italian Peninsula juts out into the Mediterranean Sea and cuts across this image diagonally. The spine of the peninsula is formed by the Apennine Mountains, which appear mostly snow free due to the high summer temperatures.

A large valley can be seen to the north; this is the valley of the River Po, south of the Alps. Following the valley to the coastal plains and moving southward, the Gargano promontory can be observed, surrounded by bluish green sediments.

Moving westward across the Apennines, several lakes can be seen near the coast. Two of these, LakeĀ  Bolsena (closer to the mountains) and Lake Bracciano (closer to the coast), stand out due to their dark blue color.

Located near the tip of the peninsula is the Italian island of Sicily. Some green mountain ranges can be observed, particularly to the northeast; however, much of the island appears dry due to the high summer temperatures and strong sun.

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