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Espiritu Santo, the Largest Island of Vanuatu

15.3S 166.9E

March 4th, 2011 Category: Mountains

Vanuatu - January 16th, 2011

Vanuatu is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. The archipelago, which is of volcanic origin, is some 1,750 kilometres (1,090 mi) east of northern Australia, 500 kilometres (310 mi) northeast of New Caledonia, west of Fiji, and southeast of the Solomon Islands, near New Guinea.

The Vanuatu island archipelago consists of approximately 82 relatively small, geologically newer islands of volcanic origin (65 of them inhabited), with about 800 miles (1,300 km) north to south distance between the outermost islands.

This image focuses on the largest island, Espiritu Santo, with an area of 3955.5 kmĀ². Vanuatu’s highest peak is the 1879 metre (6165 foot) Mount Tabwemasana in west-central Espiritu Santo.

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