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Yacyretá Dam Near Confluence of Paraguay and Paraná Rivers, Argentina and Paraguay – December 1st, 2010

27.4S 58.8W

December 1st, 2010 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Argentina - November 30th, 2010

The confluence of the Paraguay and Paraná Rivers is visible in the upper right quadrant of this image of the border area of Argentina and Paraguay. The land between the two rivers in the top right corner belongs to Paraguay, while the remainder belongs to Argentina.

The Paraguay flows southward from the top of the image, while the Paraná flows westward from the right edge. Both rivers appear greenish in color from sediments.

Visible on the Paraná near the right edge is the reservoir created by the Yacyretá Dam, a dam and hydroelectric power plant built over the waterfalls of Jasyretâ-Apipé, between the Argentine Province of Corrientes and the Paraguayan City of Ayolas.

Another lake can be observed in Argentina in the lower left corner: the Mar Chiquita, a large saline lake. Unlike the reservoir created by the Yacyretá Dam, Mar Chiquita is not human-made.

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