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Western Australia, from Temperate to Desert Climate Zones

December 30th, 2009 Category: Lakes

Australia - November 30th, 2009

Australia - November 30th, 2009

The southern part of Western Australia has a temperate climate, particularly in the southwest coastal area, whose mostly tan-colored landscape can be observed in the lower left quadrant. The darker green patches are areas of forests and mountain ranges, including the Stirling Range National Park and the Peak Charles National Park. The latter is easily identifiable as a dark green area shaped like a perfect square.

Moving to the northeast, the landscape changes to the red semi-arid or desert area of the central part of the state. Many salt lakes appear as white streaks across the red earth of this region, including the intermittent Lake Barlee, shaped like the letter “M”. Lake Barlee is more than 100 km wide from west to east, and about 80 km wide from north to south. It usually fills only once every ten years, after which the water generally remains present for less than a year.

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