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Svyatoy Nos Peninsula of Lake Baikal, Russia

53.5N 108.5E

February 23rd, 2011 Category: Lakes

Russia - January 16th, 2011

Lake Baikal, in Russian Siberia, is frozen and thus appears white in this winter image. Two large landmasses rise above the frozen waters: Olkhon Island (near left edge) and the Svyatoy Nos Peninsula (near the eastern shores of the lake)

Although it looks like an island because the isthmus connecting it to the mainland is covered in snow and ice, Svyatoy Nos is indeed a peninsula.

Svyatoy Nos is an extension of the Akademichesky Range. Its length is equal to 53 km, and its width attains 20 km. The maximal point approximates 1,878 m above sea level. Svyatoy Nos is connected with the mainland shore by a 20-kilometer isthmus formed by the sandy drifts.

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