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Steppe-like Plains of Argentine Patagonia

38.6S 68W

November 27th, 2009 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Argentina - October 6th, 2009

Argentina - October 6th, 2009

The landscape of Argentine Patagonia appears mostly tan and brown in color, as it is for the most part a region of vast steppe-like plains. These plains rise in a succession of abrupt terraces about 100 metres (330 ft) at a time. In the hollows of the plains are ponds or lakes of brackish and fresh water.

Several such lakes can be seen in the upper left quadrant, near the Neuquén River (above) and the Limay River (below). All of these are artificial: the reservoir to the south was created by the El Chocón Dam, the two to the north are part of the Cerros Colorados Complex, and the final one to the east is Pellegrini Lake.

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