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Sediments from Chubut River South of Valdes Peninsula, Argentina

43.2S 65W

April 17th, 2010 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Argentina - February 25th, 2010

Argentina - February 25th, 2010

Sediments spill from the Chubut River and line the coast of Argentina in the Patagonia region. Further offshore, near the right edge of the image, a greenish stain is visible in the water; this may be caused by a faint phytoplankton bloom rather than sediments.

The river flows through Chubut Province for approximately 800 kilometres before emptying in the Atlantic Ocean at Engaño Bay near Rawson. The river is generally shallow and its water flow can vary from 4 to 30 m³/s between drought and flood. Flooding makes the lands beside the river fertile and important for agriculture.

North of the rivermouth is the Valdes Peninsula (Spanish: Península Valdés), in the north east of Chubut Province. Most of the peninsula is barren land, although there are some salt lakes, visible here. The largest of these lakes is at an elevation of about 40 m below sea level.

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