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Sarygamysh Lake and Chimboy Lake, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

42.0N 57.3E

June 17th, 2011 Category: Lakes

Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - May 23rd, 2011

Sarygamysh Lake, situated in north central Turkmenistan and southern Uzbekistan, is geographically located approximately midway between the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea.

Approximately the northwest quarter of the lake belongs to the country of Uzbekistan, while the rest belongs to Turkmenistan.

Although the lake is filled with water at the time this image was acquired, some maps indicate that the lake is, at least partially, a dry lakebed from time to time.

To the north of Sarygamysh Lake is Chimboy Lake, which does appear to be a dry lakebed or large, white salt pan.


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