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Russia’s Republic of Dagestan, from the Caspian Sea to the Caucasus Mountains

42.7N 46.8E

April 13th, 2010 Category: Lakes, Mountains

Russia - February 19th, 2010

Russia - February 19th, 2010

The Republic of Dagestan is a federal subject of the Russian Federation, located in the North Caucasus region. It is the southernmost part of Russia, situated in the North Caucasus mountains (lower left of this orthorectified image) but also with about 400 kilometers (249 mi) of coast line on the Caspian Sea (upper right).

Dagestan has an area of 50,300 square kilometers (19,400 sq mi). It has internal borders with the Republic of Kalmykia, the Chechen Republic and Stavropol Krai, and international borders with Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Most of the Republic is mountainous, with the Greater Caucasus Mountains covering the south. The highest point is the Bazardyuzi peak at 4,466 m. The climate is hot and dry in the summer but the winters are hard in the mountain areas.

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