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Rome and Lake Albano, Italy

41.7N 12.6E

August 13th, 2009 Category: Lakes

Italy - July 26th, 2009

Italy - July 26th, 2009

The city of Rome reaches from the sea to the mountains on the left side of this orthorectified image of central Italy. To compare this image to an uncorrected one of a similar area, please click here.

The two dark circles to the southeast of Rome are Lake Albano (left) and Lake Nemi (right), near Rocca di Papa. Lake Albano, the larger of the two, is a volcanic crater lake in the Alban Hills of Latium, 15 miles southeast of Rome, at a height of 961 feet (293 m) above sea level.

The lake is the deepest (170 m) in the province of Latium. It is about 3.5 km long by 2.3 km wide, formed by the overlapping union of two volcanic craters, an origin indicated by the ridge in its center, which rises to a depth of 70 meters.

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