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Rivers and Reservoirs in Southeastern Brazil

21.5S 49.8W

November 20th, 2011 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Brazil - November 13th, 2011

This orthorectified wide-swath ASAR image shows several reservoirs in southeastern Brazil, with cities and towns appearing as bright white spots across the landscape.

Visible along the top edge is the Turvo River, a tributary of the Grande River, which it joins in the reservoir formed by the Água Vermelha Dam, in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. The dam’s reservoir (top left edge) has a capacity of 11.025 km3 (2.645 cu mi). The surface are of the reservoir is 647 km2 (250 sq mi) and its maximum level above sea level is 383.3 m (1,258 ft) and the minimum is 373.3 m (1,225 ft).

Visible at the center left is the Mário Lopes Leão Reservoir (also known as the Promissão Reservoir), in the state of São Paulo, near the cities of Promissão and Avanhandava. It holds the waters of the Tieté River, tributary of the Paraná River.

Visible along the bottom edge are the Xavantes Reservoir and Jurumitim Reservoir. The former has a surface area of 400.3 km2, a volume of 8795 km3 and a maximum depth of 72.78 m.

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