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Reservoir of Alqueva Dam in Alentejo, Portugal

July 20th, 2010 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Spain and Portugal - June 29th, 2010

Spain and Portugal - June 29th, 2010

Sun glint frames the southern coast of Portugal with a silvery glow, lending that same color to several lakes to the north. The largest of these lakes is the reservoir created by the Alqueva Dam along the Guadiana River.

The reservoir is Portugal and Western Europe’s largest. It is situated in the Alentejo region, the driest and hottest of Portugal. The complex project was made to produce hydroelectric power, irrigation for farms in the surrounding area, as well as the large reservoir.

Moving to the northeast across the Spanish border, several other artificial reservoirs can be observed as well. Not affected by sun glint, they appear blue and green. The two largest are the Serena Reservoir (below, green) and the Orellana Reservoir (above, blue).

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