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Reservoir Created by Furnas Dam North of Sao Paulo, Brazil

20.6S 46.3W

November 25th, 2011 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Brazil - November 24th, 2011

Several rivers and reservoirs can be observed north and northwest of the city of Sao Paulo, which appears as a tan expanse near the coast, in this image of southern Brazil. Due north of the city is the reservoir created by the Furnas Dam, a hydroelectric dam in the Minas Gerais state of Brazil.

The main purpose of the dam and reservoir are the production of electricity and the regulation of the flow of the Grande River. It is built on the canyon of the Grande River, before joining the Sapucaí River downstream. The dam is 127 m (417 ft) tall, 550 m (1,804 ft) long, and 15 m (49 ft) wide at its crest.

The large reservoir, with a surface area of 1,473 km2 (569 sq mi), almost half of the Brazilian coastline, started to form in 1963, bordering thirty-four municipalities. The volume of water is seven times that of Guanabara Bay, at 22,590,000,000 m3 (7.98×1011 cu ft). Normal water level averages at 768 m (2,520 ft).

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