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Lakes Victoria, Kyoga and Albert in Uganda

0.3N 32.5E

February 29th, 2012 Category: Lakes

Uganda- January 4th, 2012

This orthorectified wide-swath ASAR image shows several lakes in Uganda: Lake Victoria (bottom), Lake Kyoga (above center) and Lake Albert (upper left corner). The city of Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the largest city in the country, can be seen as a white area by the northern shores of Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is an African Great Lake and the largest lake on the continent by surface area, at 68,800 square kilometres (26,600 sq mi). It is the second largest freshwater lake by surface area in the world. Lake Kyoga is a large shallow lake complex of Uganda, about 1,720 km2 (660 sq mi) in area and at an elevation of 914 m. The Victoria Nile flows through the lake on its way from Lake Victoria to Lake Albert. Lake Albert is another one of the African Great Lakes – the seventh-largest lake in Africa, at about 160 km (100 mi) long and 30 km (19 mi) wide, with a maximum depth of 51 m (168 ft).

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