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Lakes Tuz, Beyşehir and Eğirdir in Turkey

August 12th, 2010 Category: Lakes

Turkey - August 30th, 2010

Clouds hang over the Strait of Kerch and Istanbul, while the skies over the rest of the country are clear. Many islands can also be seen off the western coast, as well as the island country of Cyprus to the south.

Several lakes can be seen on the Turkish mainland. The large white area at the center left is Lake Tuz, a saline lake and the third largest body of water in the country. Southwest of Lake Tuz are Lake Beyşehir (bright turquoise in color) and Lake Eğirdir (slightly darker and further west). Both of these are freshwater lakes and are situated in the Turkish Lakes Region.

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    FYI: The capital of Turkey is not Istanbul but is actually Ankara. This is a common mistake since Istanbul is the largest city and is so famous.

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    Fixed. Thanks :)

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