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Lakes Near the Nile River, Egypt and Sudan

22.8N 32.5E

July 22nd, 2010 Category: Lakes, Rivers

Egypt and Sudan - July 4th, 2010

Egypt and Sudan - July 4th, 2010

The fertile green Nile River Delta has a triangular shape at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The valley by the Nile also appears as a thick green band on either side of the river.

Just to the south of the delta, on the west bank of the Nile, is the green, heart-shaped Faiyum Oasis. The northern part of the oasis is occupied by Lake Moeris, dark blue in color.

Upon opening the full image, the Nile River can be seen further south, in Sudan. Situated on the Egypt-Sudan border is Lake Nasser, with the smaller Toshka Lakes to its west.

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