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Lakes Huron, Erie and Ontario in the USA and Canada

43.8N 81.2W

April 22nd, 2011 Category: Lakes

USA - April 15th, 2011

Three of the five North American Great Lakes can be observed in this image of USA and Canada. At the upper left is Huron, with Lake Erie near the bottom and Lake Ontario to the right. Some of New York State’s long, thin Finger Lakes can also be observed below the eastern half of Lake Ontario.

Tan and greenish sediments can be observed in Lake Erie and framing the southern shores of Lake Huron. Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes, on the other hand, appear mostly sediment-free.

Near the top of the image, a faint dusting of snow can be seen across the Canadian landscape. Interestingly, when this area was observed two weeks ago (click here for previous article), the snow cover was thicker and extended south into the USA.


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